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EMS Trends Monthly Presentation
Each month on our TeleHealth system, a FREE presentation is provided to all area EMT's. The topics are a variety of pertinent information to local squads across Nebraska. This free session occurs on the third Tuesday each month and starts at 7PM. It usually lasts about two hours.

EMS Trends is presented by CHI Health Good Samaritan in Kearney, Ne.

For July 21, 2015 the presentation is entitled "The Psych Patient and the EMS Provider: How to Tell the Difference". This presentation will cover: Knowledge on medical vs psychiatric; environment and your presentation; depression; suicide; bipolar; schizophrenia; panic disorder; and post traumatic stress. PLEASE NOTE: This program has an EARLY registration deadline of 7/16/15 by noon. Please notify us no later than noon on July 16th if you would like to attend this program so that our site may be scheduled for the presentation. Please call us at 402-746-5600, ask for our TeleHealth Coordinator, Eilleen and let her know that you would like to attend. Eilleen also has voice mail so you can leave her a message any time.

Recorded EMS Trends presentations are available for viewing by contacting your site Tele-Health coordinator (Eilleen Berry - 402-746-5600). Please request a time to view a specific presentation. the recorded sessions are only available over TeleHealth and NOT over a computer. CHI Health Good Samaritan will honor any courses with continuing education if they are completed within 3 months of the original broadcast date. CHI Health Good Samaritan EMS TRENDS are not approved for Nursing credits or for Kansas EMS education.

Patient Portal

About the Patient Portal
Is it secure?
The Patient Portal is very secure - your information is protected with the same high level of security that all healthcare organizations are required to follow.

Information you access within your Patient Portal is protected with secure SSL encryption - the same security protocol that banks use to protect your financial information.

Any messages you send to - or receive from - your medical team exists only within your secure portal; the confidential information in those messages is never sent through potentially unsecure email.

Your Patient Portal account is password protected and linked to your verified email address.

As with any online account you manage, you will want to keep your login credentials safe by:
    1) Not sharing your username and
    2) Creating a "strong" password,
    3) Logging out of your account password with others. or one that is hard to guess. when
     you are done accessing your Patient Portal account.

What is it?
A Patient Portal is a secure online website that gives patients convenient 24-hour access to personal health information from anywhere with an internet connection. By using a secure username and password, patients can view their health information online.

Why a Patient Portal?
Webster County Community Hospital has developed this Patient Portal for you. Your medical records, at your fingertips.

Benefits of Patient Portal
Current Features
View your health information online.
Recent visits
Lab Results
Convenient online access whenever and wherever you need it.
Fast and Free!

Get started today!
Getting started is easy, all you need is a valid email address to activate this service, and we will walk you through the rest.

Once you have received your unique PIN from Admissions, follow these easy steps to get registered!

Step 1:
Click on link provided in your verification email or go here and enter your PIN.

Step 2:
Enter your PIN and your last name, click continue.

Step 3:
Enter your personal information, click continue.

Step 4:
Enter your security information and click complete registration.
NOTE: A valid email address is required.
If you did not receive a PIN from Admissions, follow these easy steps to get registered!

Step 1:
Go to and click "Don‟t have an account? Register for free!"

Step 2:
Select "No" I do not have a PIN from my doctor‟s office.

Step 3:
Select who you are registering for (yourself or a dependent).

Step 4:
Enter your information and click continue.

Step 5:
Enter your security information and click complete registration
NOTE: A valid email address is required.
Once you have finished registering, you will receive a verification email. Click the link provided in your verification email to complete the registration process.

You now have a secure Patient Portal Account.

Someone from our Patient Portal Team will verify your account as soon as possible to grant you access to your medical records.

Patient Portal Customer Support
(402) 746-5600

Available: Monday-Friday
8:00a.m. - 4:30p.m.
(402) 746-5614

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