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Photo of Dr. Michele Durr

Dr. Michele Durr


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Dr. Durr is originally from a farm near Burr Oak, Kansas. She is Board Certified in Family Medicine and has 15 years of experience. She performs EGDs and Colonoscopies for the hospital. Special medical interests includes: Diabetes, Chronic Care Management, Women's Health, Preventative Health, Pediatrics, Sports Medicine/Injections, Cryo Surgery/Dermatology. Dr. Durr and her husband, Dave, live in the country near Superior. They have 2 German Shorthair Pointer Dogs (Zada and Zidon) and 2 Ragdoll Cats (Buddy and Bailey). Some of her hobbies include: Bass fishing and all fishing, trap shooting, upland bird hunting and all hunting, bowling, growing roses, Nebraska athletics, drag racing, Kansas City Royalas Baseball, Kansas Basketball.


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